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The Report of aids to flood victims country men from villages of Sistan and Beloochestan:
Dear friends and companions.After  the happening of flood in Sistan and beloochestan, the representatives of yaran-e Barkat Mehr charity foundation travelled to this province and visited the flood damaged regions in this province, estimated the damages and announced their support to the people and provision of their needs:

1-Municipality worker.tenant with 14 children and a half paralysed wife needs 4,000,000 toman to buy a 250 sq meters land which the governor has provided him and will help to build on it.
2- 4 farmers from kenarak who their products because of the flood are destroyed need together 20 million toman (5 million each)for well dredging and to culture again.
3-Hassan Abad village. 4 rural homes are destroyed and each needs 15 million to rebuild them.
Totally 60 million tomans
4-Khalsa Abad village;25 sq meters school for 44 pupils needs repair ,rebuilding and equipments
Totally 20 millions
5-Reis Abad village: Repair of an old school damaged by flood.
Cost for repair 20 millions
6-Koodin village the functions of Kenarak: 128 pupils need repair of school and maintenance of educational staff
Cost 5 Millions
With ambition of you dears ,we have collected an amount of 50 Million tomans which have been decided to be spent for repair of ambushes,dredge of wells and also repair and equip of schools.
So far 4,290,000 tomans have been spent to buy land for employees of Ghasr ghand's Municipality. With presence of yaran-e Barkat Mehr , building of yaran-e Barkat Mehr school in Khalij -Abad will be started in 24/March /2017
These have happened thanks to your support and kindness

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