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Put a small basket in a corner of your kitchen. Before you want to throw away the bottle of water, milk, drink, juice, shampoo and etc. that you have used to the pocket of recyclable and dry dust bin, take its cap and put it in your small basket. You can do something special with this apparently unusable small thing. There are some charities that gather these waste plastic materials and sell them in order to be recycled. With this job they help the earth and nature to breathe and get rid of such things and also they use the money for the charity affairs.Please pack the bags of caps – better in packs of 500 caps – and then send it to the office of our charity.

Yarane Barekate Mehr Charity will spend the money from selling the caps in order to buy working equipment for female-headed households’ job occasions. Yarane Barekate Mehr Charity invites every single friend of nature and good life situation and also any company that can support and cooperate us in this special movement. Start from now and be with us!

For further information or any question you may call on even days, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. by the cell-phone number 09367070863

Charity Office Address: No.3, Commercial Center, 3rd Entrance, 18th Block, 2nd Phase, EkbatanTown. Tehran-Iran

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