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Photos of Lantoori in benefit of acid throwing victims With the support of Yaran e Barekat e Mehr Charity Foundation
This exhibition shows selected photos of Noshin jafari about the movie ((Lantoori)) ,the latest film of Reza Darmishian.the exhibition will be observed in the artist's home.
Noshin jafari had earlier won an award for collection of the same photos from Iranian photographer's second celebration. The profit earned from this exhibition will be spent for acid throwing victims.
Lantoori photo exhibition will be held in home of artists from 15 August 2016 until 22 August 2016

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((The films we love))
Script reading of the unforgettable Iranian movies.
(in support of ladies in financial need from cinema and theatre)

Supervising council : Fereshteh Taherpoor, Rasool Sadrameli, Madjid Mozaffari

Project Executor: Nazanin Karimi
With support of: Home of cinema, Municipality and embelli, Yaran Barkat mehr charity foundation , Art trust fund, Andisheh community centre, Koroush pardis cinemaei , Saba news agency , Bani film news agency

Fourth reading: Two women movie
Writer and director: Tahmineh Milani
With guidance of Marila Zareei
(Role readers according to titles)
Niki Karimi, Atila pessiani , Marila Zareei
Navid Mohammadzadeh, Nima Reeissi
Sohrab Danesh behzadi , Shabnam Dolat Shahi
Mohammad Hossein Hooshmandi , Sara Ashtari
Narrator : Nassim Adabi

First assistant of the director and programmer: Behnam Rahnamaei
Assistant of director: Mohammad  Rooholamin, Narges Nareei
Graphic and designer: Mohammad Rooholamini , Mohammad Hussein Hooshmandi , Sara Ashtari

Advisor in figurative advertising: Mohammad Heidari
Producer: Massood Moghaddassi
Sell coordinator:Shima Ashtari
Photography:Society of young photographer

Time: 16 July 2016 at 8.30 PM
Location: Pardis cinemaei Koorosh,57 payambar Markazi street,shahid satrari high road
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