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These days story of a environment
Watchman who his life changed by hunters gun fire.
Environment watchman of Dena is confíned at home and his family are waiting to see the father and their supporter.
It's more than eight months that environment watchman Ali Arameshfar is in agony day and night because of hundred balls bullets shot to his leg. It is not certain that his leg recover again.
In the day of event , bullets were shot to his right leg from 3 metres distance in 1500 meters height of Dena .since that day He,his wife and his four children have no comfort.He has lots of mentally and physically problems.violating hunter with 150 Million tomans is bailed out now.
According to the report from public relations department of environment 30Million tomans has been paid to him as supportive help, but  because of numerous operations and post operative cares He still needs our financial support to pay for a prosthesis to enable him to support his family again.
Friends who know Medical companies which can provide cheaper prosthesis leave a message to us please.
-Friends who are interested to participate in this important and humanitarian matter for purchase of a prothesis and post operative cares for this environment watchman can pay their donation to following bank account and fax their payment receipt under  title of Mohitban to Mrs Padideh Jamalha  representative of( yaran-e Barkat mehr charity foundation).
Card No. of yaran-e Barkat mehr charity foundation is:
With regards to all our kind friends
We plea with their financial support to help one of the patron of our country's nature .
Report of payments:
Total: 12,000,000 tomans
Collected amount:8,882,000 tomans
Balance:3,118,000 tomans