Membership Form


Conditions to join supporters

-Attraction of individual supporters
Charitable and supporters who would like as a supporter to offer various services to the foundation, can download the application form from foundation's website and after completion hand it over to supporter and donors section of the foundation. The foundation will benefit services , financial help and their knowledges for foundation's goals.
The volunteers for further information can
contact supporters and charitables unit of the foundation to obtain full information from our experts.

-Attraction of Legal supporters
- With consideration to importance of social responsibility of companies and organizations , which are interested in offering financial support or various services to bread-winner women , can consider foundation's different supportive baskets
and contact this unit to obtain full information from our experts.

- Profitable plans and sponsors
- Donors, Companies or organizations which are able with their presentation of profitable programs to support us, can make contact foundation's plans unit by phone and receive necessary information by our experts.