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After The tragic earthquake in Eastern Azerbaijan in the summer of 1391 we decided to help and sympathize with the people affected in order to build Yaran –E- Barekat – E – Mehr Charity Fundation by effort of a number of artists, along with other sectors of society. 

One of the first activities of the charity can be mentioned is several theater performances and assign them to the benefit of the victims of this tragic event.

Barekat charity foundation by relatively prospering Quake-hit areas including Varzeghan and Harris villages with the help of a number of artists, writers, and journalists, after meeting the basic needs of victims, placed its policy on the employment of people, especially women. 

By the the motto of breadwinner women, sun and rain women, with the aim of professional training and employment, we have established the cornerstone of the institution absolutely with the charitable mercifully support of the artists. Hoping a better life for their families and prevent social damage caused by economic poverty, we have decided to improve the ability of the female-headed households for living and raise employment as Lasting way than to rely only on direct assistance of the benefactors. 

Barekat charity institution is a center for empowerment of women and girls and tries to make the women powerful producers and let them be professionally trained commensurate with their abilities to earn money professionally. 

The charity is not affiliated with any governmental entity or agency and works independently for training and employment Poor female-headed households.

Charity Office Address: No.3, Commercial Center, 3rd Entrance, 18th Block, 2nd Phase, EkbatanTown. Tehran-Iran

Phone: 02144632924  -  09122041968